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During the CNC turning process, we use lathes with auto bar feeders to make parts ranging in size from .25” – 25” in diameter and up to 80” in length.

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CNC Turning Services

Unlike other cutting styles where the tools themselves move and spin, in the CNC turning process, the raw material is spun at high speed and a cutting tool shaves away away the substance from the workpiece. CNC turning can be used to create a variety of products including tubing, couplings, rivets, fasteners, shafts and much more.

At MMT, we use six CNC lathes with auto bar feeders ranging in various sizes for different applications. With them, we can produce a wide range of parts ranging in size from .25″ to 25″ in diameter up to 80″ in length, and our machines can handle tolerance as close as .0003 inches.

Our lathes and turning centers include straight turning, taper turning, external grooving, threading, knurling, boring, and drilling. 

CNC Turning Machine List

Haas SL-30T (x3)

CNC lathe with 3″ diameter automatic bar feeder, 17″ dia x 34″, 30HP spindle.

Haas SL-20T (x2)

CNC Lathe with Brushless Magazine Bar Feeder, 10″ Dia x 20″, 20HP spindle with 2″ bar capacities and 60″ length magazine capacity.

Haas SL-40L

Big bore CNC Lathe, 25.5″ x 80″ max capacity, 40″ swing, 55HP spindle with live tooling.

Cincinnati Engine Lathe

15″ x 54″

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