CNC Components From start to Finish

Additional Services

We do more than just make parts. A lot more.

End-to-end production performed in-house

Polishing, Assembly, & Parts Stocking

Your parts are made and fit to spec…fantastic!

But perhaps your designs require more–like polishing or light assembly work. Or maybe you’ve ordered thousands of parts and don’t know where to stock them.

Your current supplier doesn’t offer these services or outsources them to third parties, putting quality and your deadlines as risk.

One of the many things our customers enjoy in a partnership with MMT is that they don’t have to worry about this. Because we offer end-to-end services under one roof, and we promise superior quality of our work.


Full polishing on aluminum and stainless components for machined parts that require a high degree of cosmetic finish and a mirror-like appearance.

Assembly & Shipping

From light assembly and packaging, to pressing bearings and installing nut plates, we’ll put together all of the pieces.

Parts Stocking

Sometimes you have to order a larger number of parts but need the flexibility to use them throughout different times in your production process.

In our 77,000 sq. ft facility, we have the stocking capacity and shelving to house your surplus and ship it out at a moment’s notice.

What can we make for you?

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Additional Services

No matter the size of your business or the industry you serve, we can fulfill a single-part prototype or 1,000+ piece order, polish it to a perfect cosmetic finish, and get it to you on time…without the worry of shotty quality standards. We know you’ve been let down too often before with missed deadlines and average customer service.
We are here to change this.